Executive Committee

  • Prof Susanne Becken, Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Dr Peiyi Ding, Deputy Director, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Prof Leong Liew, Director, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Prof Noel Scott, Deputy Director, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • A/Prof Karine Dupre, Head Griffith School of Architecture
  • Ms Caroline Wylie, Institute Administrator, Griffith Institute for Tourism

Scientific Committee

Chair: Prof Noel Scott, Griffith Institute for Tourism

  • Bin Dai, China Tourism Academy
  • Karine Dupre, Griffith University
  • Sam Huang, Edith Cowan University
  • Xin Jin, Griffith University
  • Anna Kwek, Griffith University
  • Betty Luo, Sun Yat Sen University
  • Jun Gao, Shanghai Normal University
  • Xinjian Li, Beijing International Studies University
  • Brent Moyle, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Catherine Prentice, Griffith University
  • Xuyang Yan, Beijing Union University
  • Elaine Yang, Griffith University
  • Ying Wang, Griffith University
  • Lei Wu, Hunan Normal University
  • Yongde Zhong, Central South University of Forestry Technology

Events Committee

Chair: Prof Chaojie Liu, Tourism Confucius Institute

  • Alex Hu, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Phoebe Yanan Huang, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Shannon Shan, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Priya Shu, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Honyi Tao, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Zoe Tian Xin, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Jane Xu, Tourism Confucius Institute
  • Sherry Xuebing Song, Tourism Confucius Institute

Student Volunteers

  • Rawan Nimri, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Liubov Skavronskaya, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Rui Zhang, Griffith Institute for Tourism
  • Hongbing Zhu, Griffith Institute for Tourism

About Griffith University

Griffith University is acknowledged internationally as a leader in the development of tourism education and research. Our achievements in tourism have been made possible through a global collaborative network with numerous partners, including a large number of institutions in China. To further advance these achievements, the University established its Griffith Institute for Tourism (GIFT) at the beginning of 2014. The GIFT encompasses a broad research program dedicated to globally relevant sustainable tourism and will deliver both breadth and depth in tourism research. The Tourism Confucius Institute (TCI) at Griffith University is the first and only Confucius Institute with an emphasis on tourism. In addition to promoting the learning of Chinese language and culture at Griffith University and in the broader community, the Tourism Confucius Institute seeks to build and deepen links and collaborative opportunities with China in the field of tourism, given the growing amount of travel between the two countries.