Call for Papers

Eco-civilisation: Managing Tourism for Sustainable Growth

President Xi Jinping introduced the concept of the ‘China Dream’ to highlight the aspirations of the Chinese people, and ‘Eco-civilisation’ as a form of development, an ethic, or blueprint for an environmentally harmonious compatible society.

Papers submitted should adhere to the broad Eco-civilization theme or more particularly to Managing Tourism for Sustainable Growth.

Scholars, and representatives of government, communities, industry and NGOs, are invited to contribute papers which reflect but are not restricted to the following topics:

  • Managing fast growing tourism in protected area hot spots.
  • Large-scale tourism developments and the local community.
  • Protecting or using nature for tourism.
  • Commodifying or reviving culture and heritage for tourism.
  • Developing smart tourism and smart cities.
  • Benefits of sports events for a city or region.
  • Managing visitor volume in urban environments.
  • Evaluation of destination performance: Beyond visitor numbers.
  • Promotion of natural or cultural attractions. What’s responsible marketing?
  • Governance for sustainable tourism: Beyond community based tourism.
  • Integrated resorts and gambling responsibly.
  • Developing global student education.
  • Aviation in a sustainable world.
  • Innovative mechanisms to fund sustainable tourism.

Submission of papers:

  1. Please indicate your interest in presenting a paper to Ms Caroline Wylie ( so that you can be kept informed of developments.
  2. Send either an extended abstract or full paper to Prof Noel Scott (
    a. An extended abstract of 1500 words, with references and key words, by August 31, 2017.
    b. A full paper of around 6000 words by August 31, 2017.
  3. Papers will be independently reviewed.
  4. Authors will be advised of paper acceptance September 30, 2017.
  5. All submissions must be in English and include a title, authors names and contact details, author’s affiliations, abstract, keywords, full paper text (full papers only), references (APA format).

Publication plan:

Papers (abstracts and full papers) accepted will be included in the conference proceedings. Selected full papers will be submitted for inclusion in a Special Issue of Journal of China Tourism Research.

Paper and Abstract Guidelines:

Click here to download guidelines.